3rd lecture-28/01/2011

the lecture om friday, 28th was delivered by sweet dr.rosseni.it was about video and photo shoot.. what i learnt was several types of photo shoots such as: (i attached some photos that i think would be the type of the shoot)

1. close up

2.medium close up

3.big close up

4.long shot

5.medium shot

6.medium long shot

7. very long shot

it is indeed interesting to learn about pictures and movie production because we as future teachers are going to need the skills and knowledge for our lesson plans. thank you so much to our lecturers!


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2nd lecture: 21st Jan 2011

There we were in the huge hall yet extremely chilly inside attending lecture on Educational Technology. Freezing Friday I call it.

During the 2nd lecture, I learned about technology instruction. I think it was about “penyusunan dan pengumpulan maklumat”. If I am wrong, I must admit that I did not pay enough attention to the lecture. Do forgive me. I promise I will look at the notes in SPIN later.  However, I remember about ASSURE Model! It teaches me to know my students or the learners. There are 6 basic facts that I as a teacher needs to know about my students. ASSURE Model teaches me to

  1. analyze my students
  2. State objectives of learning
  3. Select materias and media
  4. Utilize the materials and media
  5. Require learners’ participation
  6. Evaluate and revise

Basically, these are the things that I digested during the lecture. It was a short lesson but I learned something. The ASSURE Model! 🙂

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1st lecture: 14th Jan 2011

Opps…I must admit that I only have the opportunity to write this reflection after 2 weeks of lectures. I did not write it immediately because I was still struggling to discover stuffs in this blog. Plus, the poor wireless connection prevented me to study the applications in this blog. Anyway, here I am to express my refection on the first lecture which was on the 14th January 2011.

The 1st lecture was conducted by Dr Rosseni. My first impression on her was she is a very soft and gentle woman. She gave  introduction to our assignments which I find there are plenty to do and yet to be discovered. She showed us some clips to expose us to our future assignments.  I must admit that the assignments are rather difficult and they are not my cup of tea as I am not so much fond of IT. However, I take it as a challenge to learn what I dislike as I know Educational technology is important for a future teacher like me. So, I thank Dr Rosseni for exposing us to a useful lesson. I apologized that we stopped you in the middle of your explanation because we had to rush to another lecture on that day. Anyway, we look forward to attend your lecture next time.

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